Here is a breakdown of my current asset allocation and links to some of my recent articles. Most of my passive funds are listed on the 'trackers' page.  Articles relating to my climate-friendly holdings are listed on the 'green' tab. I hope this may be useful to others as a starting point for their own research.

July 2019  (click to enlarge)
October 2019

It may be worth repeating that my choice of investments are unique to my stage of life (retired), risk profile, ethical aims and financial situation and should not therefore be taken as a recommendation. In many situations, a simple, diversified low cost multi-index fund could provide better returns with lower costs and less volatility so my advice would be to do your own research and take responsibility for your investment decisions.

portfolio summary/reviews
Half Year Portfolio Review (June 2019)
Portfolio Review - End 2018 (Dec 2018)
Investing for a Green Future (Nov 2018)
My Strategy is Evolving (July 2018)

how much longer before I go for that walk!
investments (2019)
Aberforth Smaller - Final Results (Jan 2019)
Lyxor Green Bond - New Purchase (Jan 2019)
Foresight UK Infrastructure - New Addition (Feb '19)
TRIG - New Addition (Feb 2019)
Bluefield Solar - New Addition (Mar 2019)
Tritax Big Box - Final Results (Mar 2019)
FP WHEB Sustainability - New Addition (Mar 2019)
Foresight Solar IT - New Addition (Mar 2019)
iShares Global Clean Energy - New Addition (Mar '19)
Impax Env. Markets - Results  (Apr 2019)
Orsted - New Addition  (Apr 2019)
Scottish Mortgage - Full Yr Results (May 2019)
Capital Gearing - Full Yr Results (May 2019)
TR Property - Final Results (June 2019)
Polar Cap Technology - Final Results (July 2019)
Finsbury Growth & Income - Sale (July 2019)
Greencoat UK Wind - New Addition (July 2019)
Orsted - Half Year Results  (Aug 2019)
Legal & General Revisited (Aug 2019)
Scottish Mortgage - Portfolio Sale (Aug 2019)
ITM Power - Portfolio Addition (Aug 2019)
Mid Wynd - Full Yr Results (Sept 2019)
First Solar - Portfolio Addition (Sept 2019)
AFC Energy - Portfolio Addition (Sept 2019)
Bluefield Solar - Full Yr Results (Sept 2019)
NextEnergy Solar - New Addition (Sept 2019)

investments (2018)
Kames Div. Monthly Inc. - New Purchase (Jan 2018)
Aberforth Smaller - Final Results (Jan 2018)
Temple Bar - Full Yr Results (Feb 2018)
Tritax Big Box - Full Yr Results (Mar 2018)
RL Sust. Managed Growth - New Purchase (Mar 2018)
City Merchants Trust - 2017 FY Results (Mar 2018)
Mid Wynd IT - New Purchase (Apr 2018)
Scottish Mortgage - Full Yr Results (May 2018)
HICL Infrastructure - Full Yr Results (May 2018)
TR Property - Final Results (May 2018)
Edinburgh IT - Final Results (June 2018)
Capital Gearing - Full Yr Results (June 2018)
Equities Outperform Bonds? (June 2018)
Polar Capital Technology - New Purchase (June 2018)
Baillie Gifford Managed - New Purchase (July 2018)
Mid Wynd - Full Yr Results (Sept 2018)
Edinburgh Worldwide - New Purchase (Sept 2018)
City of London - Final Results (Sept 2018)
Woodford Patient Capital - New Purchase (Sept 2018)
Impax Env. Markets Trust - New Purchase (Oct 2018)
Baillie Gifford Positive Change - New Purchase (Oct 2018)
Smithson Inv. Trust - New Purchase at Launch (Oct 2018)
Investing for a Green Future Part 1 (Nov 2018)
Finsbury Growth - Full Yr Results (Dec 2018)

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