Thursday, 21 February 2013

My First Post on Blogger

You have no idea how much of a struggle and challenge it has been to get this far in creating a blog!

I started out last weekend buying a domain name from domainmonster. The first challenge was to get it to "point" in the right direction and that was to the company I had chosen to host my blog - 5quidhost.

Well, after numerous emails, looking up the meaning of such things as nameservers, glue records, IPS Tags and a plethora of less memorable techie things, I finally managed this (I think!).

The next step was to download Wordpress and start work creating the look of my blog. I eventually managed to do this and got as far as the Dashboard and there saw a big orange sign which said my current version of IE was out of date and may not be fully supported. Aaagghh

I played around with things for a few hours until my brain started to hurt - I had managed to get the title heading "D-I-Y INVESTOR" to appear at the top of my page and gave it a nice blue colour - thats about as far as I could get.

After another couple of days trying various options and getting nowhere fast, I decided perhaps I should upgrade to the latest version of IE. When I tried this, I was told my current XP version of Windows does not allow the latest version of IE and I would need to upgrade to a later version of Windows.

At this point I was starting to lose the will to live!!

I got back to domainmonster and asked for a refund but no joy.

OK, plan B - try Blogger and forget about the fancy look and design - after all, I like simple.

So here we are, my first blog.

I have a feeling I need to find the "About" section and write a little bit about myself - a sort of introduction - but that will have to wait for another day.


  1. Hi John

    Great to see you managed to get a blog up and running even if it's not quite what you originally imagined when you started out. Sounds like quite a journey.

    I look forward to following along as you develop both the content and the blog itself. Wishing you much success with the venture.

    An immediate thought. If you're intending to stay with Blogger you may want to quickly get this blog linked to the domain that you own. Otherwise you are going to possibly have to build traffic twice. If that's not possible then within Blogger for a relatively small cost you can buy a domain which then does everything automatically for you.


  2. Hello RIT,

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    As you suggest, I will look into the link for as I have bought it and can't get a refund and understand the point about doing things all over again if I do it later.

    For now, I'm just pleased to have got this far!

  3. Loss of good content so far, well done!

    I notice you haven't yet managed to link your blog and domain. I'd be happy to help you with the technical side of things if you would like?

  4. Hello LT,

    Thanks for the offer, I may well get back in time and take you up on the offer of assistance but as I seem to be able to do most of what I want with Blogger, I'll probably keep on as I have started.


  5. As RIT suggested it would be possible to continue using blogger but set things up so that visitors could use either or to get here.

  6. Thanks LT,

    I will have a think - I had not appreciated you could use EITHER. What would be the advantages of setting up this arrangement and how simple would it be?

  7. It would allow you to use when promoting your blog elsewhere. The potential advantage of that is you are no longer tied to blogger if you decide you wish to change in the future. It ought to be relatively simple to set up but it does depend to some extent where you got the domain from and what services they offer.

  8. Again, many thanks LT,
    I'm fairly happy with Blogger for the time being - but if I run into problems down the line, its good to know there would be a fairly simple alternative. I bought the domain from domainmonster and as far as I know, its still 'pointed' towards 5quidhost.