Thursday 21 March 2013

First Month on Blogger

So, a month on from my first post - here are a few stats -

Page views to date - 3,200, average per day is now around 120 - 130 mark.

Most viewed article - Asset Allocation with 460 however this was mainly due to a mention by Monevator! Other popular articles are Keep it Simple - Egg & Chips Investing (68), Dividends are the key..(65), and Start Early - Compound Returns(64).

The most popular pages (tabs) viewed so far have been portfolio(27%), basics(23%), useful sites(19%) and books(16%)

The main sources of referring sites have been Retirement Investing Today, Monevator and Money Saving Expert - many thanks!

Obviously, the majority of people visiting the blog are from UK (90%), however I was a bit surprised to see how far diy investor has reached globally - USA (3.5%), Germany (1.5%), France (1.0%), Netherlands (0.8%), Belgium (0.7%), Japan (0.7%), Australia (0.7%) - also Angola, India, Ireland, China, Serbia, Belize and New Zealand.

I’ve heard the majority of blogs only survive for around 3 months, but as I am enjoying doing this so far, I hope to carry on a little while longer!

I wanted to start off with what I consider to be a few of my basics on investing, which I hope may be useful to new investors and possibly others - its encouraging to see it’s the second most viewed tab. I probably don’t want to get too far away from egg & chips with this section, but will probably cover a few more areas as they arise.

I have started posting articles relating to my own portfolio - individual shares, investment trusts and fixed income - mainly as results are released and have recently set out the core of my investment trust portfolio to monitor as a long term project. I may well do something similar with my higher yield shares portfolio.

I’m still trying to get my head around some of the more technical aspects of running a blog - so far, I’ve managed to create a table to list my portfolio and have found a few images to illustrate some of the tabs.

Slow & steady steps….!


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