Thursday, 27 June 2013

DS Smith Group - Update

Just a quick update on this as just returned from a short break and lots to catch up with (and lots of spam emails to delete!).

I wrote a short article on this back in April. They have today issued full year results (link via Investegate) which have been well received by the market and the share price is up around 5% in early trading at over 250p. Profits have increased over 50% and it is proposed to increase the dividend 36% to 8.0p giving a forward yield of around 3.2%.

Having made a good return on this in a relatively short period, I have decided to sell into the rising market price - I suspect in the longer term this may be a foolish decision but I will take the opportunity to diversify the portfolio and add to my initial stake in Vanguard All World High Dividend ETF.

This has been a turbulent few weeks for the markets and it will be interesting to see how the portfolios have weathered the squall (or not). I will try to post updates after Fridays close.

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