Monday, 30 September 2013

Quarter 3 Portfolio Review

Following on from my half year review at the end of June, I have just reviewed my portfolios - sipp drawdown and ISA - for the 9 months to the end of September.

The FTSE 100 is up 4% for the quarter at 6,462. However, since the start of 2013, the FTSE 100 is up 9.5%  - if we add on another 2.5% for dividends paid, this will give a ballpark figure of 12% total return for the 9 months to date.

My total return, including income, is up 9.8% so far.

My portfolio is allocated between fixed interest (40%) and equities (60%), which in turn are divided between individual shares and investment trusts.


Individual shares have been a little mixed, providing a total return of 10.9% over the 9 month period. The better performers were again Reckitt & Benckiser (20.0%),  Sainsbury (22.2%), Abbey Protection (20.6%) and also GlaxoSmithKline (20.6%). BHP Billiton has recovered a little in recent months but remains well down over the 9 months(-11.1%). Others that have had a good quarter are BSkyB up 12% and Carillion up 11%.

Total income on shares so far is 3.4%.

Investment Trusts

Most of the trusts have recovered the ground lost in the previous quarter. The total return for the 9 months was 11.6% - the best return came from smaller companies specialist Aberforth with 44.5%. Others continuing to provide solid returns are Law Debenture (20.4%), Temple Bar (20.6%), Bankers (24.2%), Edinburgh (20.7%) and City of London (17.6%). The only trust that is struggling for me this year has been recently added Aberdeen Asian Income (-12%).

Income from the trusts portfolio has been steady at 3.0%.

Fixed Interest

Following the problems with the Co-op Bank in May which affected capital values over the 2nd quarter, I am pleased to report that my PIBS and preference shares have seen a strong bounce-back this third quarter. Total return for the 3 months was 7% including income of  1.2%.

Over the 9 months of 2013, total return is 6.4% and includes income of 3.7%

As a whole, the portfolio has advanced 9.8% over the first 9 months of this year including the payment of 3.4% income. Bearing in mind that 40% of the portfolio is represented by PIBS and fixed income securities, I am reasonably happy with this.

As an income investor, the steady flow of dividends and interest has been predictably reassuring and is on track to yield around 4.7% for the year.

As ever, I would be interested to hear how others have done over recent months - leave a comment if you keep track of your portfolio.


  1. My total return so far this year is about 8%, including income but my equity portfolio (about 40% of total) has returned 21% including divis. Since most of my non-equity stuff is various forms of cash, the disparity there is not surprising.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. You must be happy with the performance of your equity portfolio - is this mainly shares or collective investments (I assume it will not be trackers)?