Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dialight - Trading Update

It would appear my re-purchase only a month back was badly mis-timed. The Company have today issued a profits warning (trading update). As a results, the share price has fallen over 20%.

At the time of the portfolio sale last September I wrote

I have had a good run with Dialight over the past 3 years, and I may return to it again at a later time, but for now I am a little nervous there may be further bad news and corresponding share price weakness. 
 I still remain optimistic regarding the long-term story for Dialight but think the road could be a little rocky for some time.

I have, once again, decided to sell at the price of 650p - a loss of 26% in a little over a month. Having said that, and strange as it may seem, if I had not been tempted to re-purchase last month, I would very probably re-purchase at the current price!

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