Friday, 21 February 2014

First Year Anniversary

Well, that year went past in a flash! I started this blog on 21st February 2013 - shortly after finishing my ebook 'DIY Pensions'. A month later I wrote a short piece (here’s the link) mainly about the stats so thought I would update at the 12 month stage.

Page views has now just reached the 63,000 mark which far exceeds my initial expectations. The average per month is currently running at around 4,500 - which works out around 150 per day. Of course, that may be the same 30 individuals each visiting the site 5 times each day!

Around 70% of page views are, not unexpectedly, from the UK. Which leaves 30% from all parts of the world - USA (11%), France, Russia and Germany (all 2%) other countries include Poland, China, Australia, Ukraine, Ireland, Indonesia, Morocco and Qatar.

The most popular pages (tabs) viewed over the year have been ‘portfolio’ and ‘useful sites’ both with around 22% followed by 'basics' (16%), 'about' (13%) and ‘books’ (9%)

The main sources of referring sites continue to be Retirement Investing Today (no posts from RIT for a while?), Google, DIY blogspot and Money Saving Expert - many thanks!

The first couple of months last year started off with a flurry of articles mainly on ‘basics’. My intention is to keep this section fairly simple so I have deliberately avoided adding too many posts.

The majority of posts in recent months have been related to the results of individual shares or investment trusts - these can be a little repetitive and its sometimes difficult to know how to make them more interesting.

There have been quite a few changes for me on a personal level - the main one being a house move last November to be closer to family - especially new grandchildren. I suspect this will take up more and more of my spare time over the coming months and years. However I enjoy my investing and keeping track of various portfolios so, as long as people keep reading, I will carry on with the blog.

Thanks to all out there (all 30 of you!) for reading and feel free to leave a comment from time to time to pass on your own thoughts/experience etc.

As ever, slow & steady steps….!

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  1. Congratulations, that's a pretty good start after one year! :)

    Not sure what's happened to RIT either? He did disappear once before... I think he suffers from blogging burnout now and then!