Thursday, 7 May 2015

The General Election

Just in case you may have forgotten - today is the general election! Every 5 years, the great British public get the chance to vote for a member of parliament who will faithfully represent their best interests for the coming 5 years.

We live in a democratic country and therefore have a wide choice of political parties to choose from - there is the Sensible Party, the Silly Party, the Slightly Silly Party and the Very Silly Party. However, I am not the sort of person to follow the crowd so today, I will be voting Muppet!

I am confident my party will gain the most seats in this election and I therefore eagerly await the outcome of the national vote after polls close at 10.00pm.

I am sure they will be good for the economy, the NHS and hard-working people throughout the nation. My favourite is Animal - I hope he will become chancellor.

By the way, has anyone seen my jacket? It's white with sleeves that make you hug yourself and it has a cute belt!

What do you think?


  1. Haha!

    I voted for Muppet too - Fozzie Bear I think!

  2. Nice one weenie - well done!!

    I think Fozzie would make a brilliant politician as his jokes were always sooo bad. Statler & Waldorf would make great back-benchers - very close to the real thing.