Thursday, 20 August 2015

30 Months on Blogger

I started out with this personal finance blog in Feb 2013 - it is just 30 months old.

First of all a big thanks to everyone who visits on a regular basis. Page views seem to have increased quite a bit since the early days. Also, its good to see there are quite a few comments starting to appear which is a positive as other readers (and myself) can often learn from others so please keep them coming!

Here are a few stats -

Total page views to date - 265,450, average per month is now around 14,000 to 15,000 mark.

Most viewed article - Vanguard LifeStrategy with 3,500 so far. I was fortunate to be invited to write a guest post for Monevator following the publication of my latest book and a link in the article has boosted the views. Other popular articles are Vanguard UK Equity Income Tracker (2,200), Investing for Income part 2 (1,700), and Investing Notes to my 21 yr old Self (1,650).

The main sources of referring sites have been Retirement Investing Today, Monevator, Simple Living in Suffolk and Money Saving Expert - many thanks!

Obviously, the majority of people visiting the blog are from UK (80%), however I was a bit surprised to see how far diy investor has reached globally - USA (10%), and the remaining 10% between Germany , France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Angola, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Serbia, Belize and New Zealand.


As I say in my latest book “DIY Simple Investing”, family and friends soon change the subject when personal finance is discussed so, on a personal level, its really good to have an outlet for my ‘hobby’ of personal finance and investing and to be able to share it with what seems like an ever expanding community of like-minded people.

It is, of course, always interesting to look back at earlier posts and sometimes I am surprised at just how far my thinking has changed and developed in just two and a half years.

In the early days, I was firmly committed to generating a natural income from a mixture of individual shares, investment trusts and fixed interest securities. Over the past couple of years, I have read many interesting articles on various blogs and, as the time has passed, I have begun to embrace the low cost index philosophy. I have reviewed my former strategy and believe my process has become stronger and more balanced - as well as simpler!

There appears to be no possibility of early release for good behaviour. After 30 months I find I am still enjoying my blogging and so long as I remain  positive and others keep visiting, I hope to keep things going for a while longer - although if my portfolio is reduced to a couple of Vanguard trackers, there may not be too much to write about!

Thanks again for reading…

Slow & steady steps….keep it simple!


  1. Dear Diy Investor (UK),

    And I enjoy reading your blogs.

    You have mentioned your change in strategy to low cost index funds.

    I know the arguments for them and agree entirely with their benefits. How do they compare with investment trusts?

    It is well known that investment trust out perform mutual funds on average. I wonder if one would be better off with Investment Trusts, of which I know you have some.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Louis and good to hear from you.

      My revised strategy is more focussed on replacing individual shares with index funds & ETFs. I am not sure how my investment trusts would compare with trackers - some will probably have outperformed in recent years - Aberforth Smaller, Bankers, Finsbury Growth & Income for example - others such as Murray International have not done so well.

      It may be interesting to do a little more research. As ever, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi DIY

    Congratulations, pleased to see you are still enjoying blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and do find them very interesting and very useful.

    Hope to see you continuing for the next 30 months (and more)

    Best Wishes
    FI UK

    1. Thanks for the kind words FI. I hope to keep things going a little longer - another 30 months would be 5 yrs which would be great!

  3. Happy 30th blogging birthday DIY UK.

    May I wish you "Many Happy Returns" in both your blogging and your investments.

    Your clear writing style and straightforward approach to investing have helped demystified the whole process for a lot of us out there. Long may it continue. Thank you.