Saturday 26 December 2015

A Look Back at 2015

Its been another quite unpredictable year in retrospect. The FTSE rose to new highs above 7,000 in April and just as quickly, got a nose bleed and dived back to more familiar territory.

Writing my blog records my personal journey as I try to navigate the ups and downs of the investing cycles. It helps me to focus, as well as holds me to account for the decisions I take. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes….well, you wonder if I have been investing for 25 days not 25 years!

This year, my main focus has been to move towards more simplicity, more diversity and less volatility.

Here are a few of the more popular posts over the past year :

1. Investing Notes to my 21 yr old Self
Some advice I would pass on to myself if I were just starting over again.

2. Vanguard LifeStrategy - A One-Stop Solution
Far and away the most viewed post this year - currently approaching 5,000 page views. Some thoughts on helping friends with a simple, no frills investment plan.

3. A Simple Low-Cost Income Strategy
Why chase natural yield when you have the option to sell capital units to provide the ‘income’ I need?

4. A New Platform for my Funds
If I am to place a sizeable chunk of my portfolio in VLS funds, I need to think about platform charges!

5. “DIY Simple Investing” - My New Book
Launched in early June and featured on Monevator the following month - my 4th and probably final offering.

6. Vanguard All World High Yield Review
A two year review for this global passive income fund.

7. What Does it take to be a Successful Investor?
Ha ha, my guess is as good as yours! A few thought on what I think it may entail. As time passes, I am concluding all you probably need is VLS60 as a core and 2 or 3 investment trusts to maintain a little interest.

8. Selling Capital to Provide ‘Income’
A variation on #3 and how I will use a cash buffer to cover years (like this!) when returns are negative.

9. ‘Smarter Investing’- Review
I first read about Tim Hale’s book via Retirement Investing Today blog. It only took 3 yrs to get around to reading it but I was very impressed and would recommend to any would-be investor.

10. How My Strategy is Evolving
Only posted last month, it is already the second most popular with over 2,000 page views so far.
Six months in and the revised strategy is starting to bed down - not perfect, never will be but GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!

Just to say thanks to everyone who has followed my journey over the past year and special thanks to those who have taken the time to leave a comment.

Lets hope the coming year is a good one!    


Finally, a sad farewell to some people who passed away in 2015 and who have touched my life for one reason or another (no particular order) -

Leonard Nimoy

Cilla Black

Howard Kendall

Andy King

Jonah Lomu

Jimmy Hill

Brian Hall

Brian Close

Phil Hughes

Gerry Byrne

Dave Mackay

Pat Eddery

Tom Graveney

Richie Benaud

BB King

Errol Brown

Denis Healey

Geoffrey Howe

Charles Kennedy

Peter O’Sullevan

Colin Welland

Warren Mitchell

Ron Moody

As you may gather, I am a big sports fan!

gone but not forgotten - RIP.  


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers John - likewise good luck with UKVI for the coming year.

      I hope to post a round up of my year-end portfolio in the next week or so - looking like just in positive territory.

  2. All the best for 2016, DIY - sad to see that we lost so many greats last year though!

    1. Thanks weenie and likewise good wishes for you in the coming year. Yes, always sad to see so many I have grown old with over the years suddenly no longer with us.

      Reminds me to make the most of it whilst I can!