Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Lars Kroijer - Free Seminar

I have enjoyed many of the articles by Lars on the Monevator site over the past couple of years. In November I finally got around to reading "Investing Demystified" and wrote a brief review.

Following on from a successful seminar in March, Lars will be giving a second seminar at Shaftesbury Place, London next Thursday 23rd June from 6.30pm

He will speak on:

  • The hedge fund industry and hedge funds as an asset  class. What may the future hold?
  • Starting and scaling hedge fund business, critical success factors and facing the unexpected.
  • What is investing edge? Do you have it? What should you do if you don’t (like most people)?
  • The long term financial benefits of investing knowing that you can’t outperform markets.
Maybe a good antidote to the EU referendum!

Free tickets on a first come first served basis.

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