Monday, 3 October 2016

Movember (Spread the Word!)

I regularly tune in to R4s PM and recently heard the BBC media correspondent, Steve Hewlett talking to Eddie Mair about his recent diagnosis with cancer of the oesophagus. It is rare to hear men talking candidly about such personal issues.

Some of you may have wondered why men suddenly start to grow silly moustaches at the end of the year. So I thought I would post this short article, provide an early heads-up and raise some awareness about the Movember charity and the work they do.

It started just over 20 years ago in Australia to raise awareness of prostrate cancer. It has grown quickly into a global movement funding over 1,200 projects.

Gender is one of the strongest and most consistent predictors of health and life expectancy - not good news for us men! On average, across the world, men die 6 years earlier than women.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide and the number of cases expected to almost double to 1.7 million cases by 2030.

The Movember Foundation is now helping projects which address not only prostate cancer but also testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. They are the only charity doing this on a global scale.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men under the age of 40. However, with an early detection, it has one of the highest cure rates - on average 95% of men survive where the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body.

Suicide affects men more than women: three quarters of suicides are by men. The World Health Organisation estimates that 510,000 men die from suicide globally each year. That’s one every minute.

For those who want to know more, here are links to the main areas of work:

Prostrate Cancer

Testicular Cancer

Depression and Mental health

So, if you think it’s a worthwhile cause, there are lots of ways to get involved - spread the word, sign up for an event in your local area, make a donation, men grow a moustaches (and tell everyone why!).

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.


  1. Great shout out, diy - I always sponsor the guys at work on this and in the past, the company has matched donations.

    1. Thanks weenie. I hope they will be doing it this year but I imagine things are a bit different with redundancies looming..good luck with everything on that score.