Sunday, 5 February 2017

Books Now Available as Paperback

My first ebook, ‘Slow & Steady Steps..’ was published on Amazon Kindle exactly five years ago this month - a year before I started this blog. The following year I self-published ‘DIY Pensions’, followed in 2014 with ‘DIY Income’ and my latest ebook ‘DIY Simple Investing’ was published in June 2015.

At the end of last year, Amazon introduced a new option to publish a paperback version of the books. Obviously not everyone likes ebooks and many prefer a ‘real’ book to hold and turn pages and underline or highlight certain parts of the book.

Over the past month or so I have been busy updating my books and I have now taken up the option to publish 3 of the books as a paperback.

I am currently doing a revised and updated version of ‘Slow & Steady..’ which will be renamed ‘DIY Introduction to Personal Finance’ and hope to be able to offer a paperback version in the next week or so.

There are additional costs associated with the printing and also a larger percentage of sales go to Amazon for the paperbacks and therefore the price has to be a little more compared to the ebooks. The prices range from £4.50 - £6.50.

Hopefully, I will now be able to reach a much wider audience.


  1. Look forward to ordering and reading them

  2. I bought the kindle editions of Slow & Steady and DIY Pensions a couple of years ago so I probably won't be picking up the paperback format. They helped me get on the road to forming a sensible plan to save for retirement. Thoroughly worth reading, so if anyone hasn't picked them up before definitely take a peek.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Dave..much appreciated!

  3. Orders placed today for DIY Intro, DIY Income & DIY Simple Inv.

    Going to make my 17 yr old son read them and hopefully intake some knowledge.

    Maybe he will now understand why I show him the half yearly Inv Trust statements from Witan and
    4 x Aberdeen Inv Trusts that were taken out as monthly savings plans after he was born.
    I also go through the significant holdings each of them have every so often.
    The penny will drop some day.

    Keep up the good work John

    Matt McK

    1. Many thanks Matt. I imagine you will be seeing a very nice return on your savings plan over the past 17 yrs.

      I am sure your son will learn the lessons when he is ready - good luck!