For those just starting their investing journey, it can be confusing and a little intimidating attempting to find your way around the financial landscape - I know this was the case for me in the earlier years (and maybe still can be at times!). I hope some of the articles may help to clarify and provide a few pointers for further research - I quite often dip into this section from time to time to remind myself of some basic points that can get forgotten as time passes. Here are links to a few articles which cover some of my basics of investing:

keep it simple - egg & chips investing

                                                                               invest for the long term

   avoid high charges     

                                 become a dragon - owning shares

                                                                                                 start early - compound returns

        market volatility

                                                     asset allocation revisited

                                                                                    a diverse portfolio

timing the market

                                    low cost index funds

                                                                                                                                selecting your diy online broker


                                             reversion to mean

           investing notes to my 21 yr old self

a logical investment strategy                                   what does it take to be a successful investor?  

                                     a good plan and the right temperament

               lifetime isa                                                uk robo advisors

the emotional investor                                            some thoughts on climate change             

              my strategy is evolving (Update 2020)
diy investor says "keep it simple"

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