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Keep It Simple - Egg & Chips Investing (Feb 2013)
Reversion to Mean (Nov 2014)
Investing Notes to my 21 Yr Old Self (Mar 2015)
Vanguard LifeStrategy - A One-Stop Solution (Apr 2015)
What does it Take to be a Successful Investor? (July 2015)
My Investing Strategy Plan (Mar 2016)
Selecting Your DIY Online Broker (May 2016)
A Logical Investment Strategy Revisited (Jan 2017)
Asset Allocation Revisited (Mar 2020)

iShares Global Clean Energy - New Addition (Mar 2019)
Orsted - Portfolio New Addition (Apr 2019)
Getting Up to Speed on Climate Emergency (May 2019)

Vanguard LifeStrategy - A One-Stop Solution (Apr 2015)
Vanguard LifeStrategy - 5 Year Performance (July 2016)
Vanguard Lifestrategy 60 - Yr 4 Update (May 2019)
My Index Funds Under the Spotlight (Feb 2019)
Passive Investing and Climate Change (Feb 2020)

A New ISA Platform For My Funds (May 2015)
Portfolio Review - End 2019 (Dec 2019)

Sipp Drawdown Review - First Yr (June 2013)
Start Your Pension Sooner Rather than Later (July 2014)
Sustainable Drawdown Strategies (Aug 2016)
Selecting Your DIY Pension Platform (Aug 2016)
Work Out Your Retirement Figure (Feb 2017)
The State Pension - Is It Sustainable? (June 2017)
Sipp Drawdown - Yr 7 Update (June 2019)

"Smarter Investing" Tim Hale (Sept 2015)

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