useful sites

Here are some websites others may find as useful and educational as I do -


Arguably the best UK personal finance site on the web and a big help to me personally in providing publicity for my ebooks and also with the launch of this blog.
Aim to Get Rich Slowly - “More ambitious? If you can read these words without talking aloud — and maybe even then — you likely have it within your means to become financially free. By this I mean free to work or not work, to modestly travel the world or stay at home, start a business or retire on your savings. Not extravagantly, but much better than if you spend the next 20 years throwing cash at beer, gadgets and brand new cars.”

Simply Living in Somerset
breaking free of the rat race and living intentionally  Much more than personal finance, this is the journal of a 50-something professional looking to get out of the rat race early and start living simply, with intent. "I want to craft a richer life, and to do that I have to master the essentials of personal finance, rather than subsist in employment. My younger self chose his career well, but I now want to cut it short by about fifteen years. I have seen too many days from inside office windows, I want to hear the birds, live more simply and frugally and drink in the days, rather than sleepwalk my way through them." 

Retirement Investing Today
In January 2013, I wrote a couple of guest posts for RIT which was instrumental in me setting up my own blog.

RIT is an early 40’s Average Joe who after becoming disillusioned with the financial sector in 2007 and with no financial training went DIY.

Since starting his site in 2009 he’s living 6 words - save hard, invest wisely & retire early.  In his own words - "I'm not a Financial Planner, have made mistakes on the way and I’m sure will make further mistakes in the future. The site shows some of those. Even so it continues to be a positive experience."

A Wealth of Common Sense 
The blog of USA based investment manager Ben Carlson. Less is more is one of his guiding principles.
Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”The best investors that I have followed in my career can do just that.  They make the complex more understandable and put difficult concepts into common sense language. 


Association of Investment Companies
Provides lots of information, articles and useful research tools relating to investment trusts. The 'find an investment company' tab is particularly useful for comparing such things as ongoing charges, dividend yield and discount to NAV. By clicking on any individual trust, you can quickly access more detailed information and the latest annual report.

A good site to research and compare performance of OEICs, investment trusts and ETFs. Provides a useful portfolio tool to help track and analyse your investments.

The main site I use to keep up to date with news and results. You can create a customised alerts list to follow specific shares or investment trust e.g. you hold in your portfolio, and get notified about such things as results and trading reports, directors dealings, dividend declarations etc.

Fixed Income Investments
Run by Mark Taber, this is a project to provide hard to find information for private fixed income investors. It combines Marks own research into fixed income bonds and similar investments with the excellent information and resources which can be found online. The majority of the information relates to Subordinated Bonds, Preference Shares and PIBS.

Candid Money
Described by founder Justin Modray as a totally independent, free and impartial financial website. Lots of useful info, articles and calculator tools.

Compare Fund Platforms
A spin-off from Candid Money designed to help investors to compare the costs of holding investment funds via a fund platform or broker and work out the total cost for each.

Digital Look
Research shares, set up and follow your own portfolio or create a watchlist, market reports, regulatory news and much more...

Dividend Data
A no-frills site to monitor dividend payment dates, yield and ex-dividend dates.